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Organizing is a Process, Not an Event

If there is to be a future for people of African descent, some element among us will have to step up to the plate and prove themselves capable of conceptualizing (envisioning), planning, organizing, implementing, conducting, evaluating, modifying, and bringing to fruition the particular results sought after!


As my colleague Professor ‘Jim’ Clingman and I ‘stump’ the country in our quest to recruit One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors (OMCBV&C) to save our people from whatever ‘final solution’ the racists and white supremacists in American have in store for us, we encounter substantially less optimism than pessimism.

Express Yourself Radio Show w/ Dr. Rosie Milligan

Dr. Rosie Milligan’s internet radio show from February 3, 2015. Her guests are Jim Clingman and Amefika Geuka. The discussion is about the One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors Movement. Listen and become “One Of The Million!”

Radio broadcast February 3, 2015.