This book is comprised of a collection of the authors "Black Papers" written between 1971 and 2018 and presented in chronological order.

In the aftermath of Barack Obama’s declaration that his election as President signaled the beginning of a “post-racial” period in American history -- by implication that “racism was now a thing of the past,” the black collective in America no longer has any recognized leaders or spokespersons capable of effectively championing its cause.

"Electoral politics IS warfare...without the use of guns."

“Equal justice under the law” must be more than just a sound-bite or catch-phrase. In America, the law has never been applied fairly, equally, or without prejudice, nor has there ever been only one set of rules.

If there is to be a future for people of African descent, some element among us will have to step up to the plate and prove themselves capable of conceptualizing (envisioning), planning, organizing, implementing, conducting, evaluating, modifying, and bringing to fruition the particular results sought after!