People Ready for Prime-Time
A “Black-Paper” by
‘Baba’ Amefika D. Geuka

November 19, 2014

In the aftermath of the political ‘slaughter’ of the Democratic Party in the recent “mid-term” elections, the black electorate finds itself being blamed by its own spokesperson-class for that massive defeat. Never mind that the Party’s most loyal constituency is the only group which received NO “quid-pro-quo” benefits from the current Democratic regime during the past six years, blacks were supposed to understand and accept the fact that they and their votes would be taken for granted, and there’d be no return on our ‘investment.’ After all, the Party’s more valued, respected, and appreciated constituencies, i.e.; Gays, Latinos, Jews, and white Women, had to of necessity be accommodated and their expectations met in order for them to remain under the Party’s ‘big-tent.’ The LGBT ‘community’ has been rewarded with aggressive advocacy in support of their ‘rights’ — including the right to same-sex marriage; Latinos enjoy equally aggressive advocacy by the current President in support of immigration reform that will substantially increase their voting numbers; the Jewish community is receiving unparalled advocacy in support of anything and everything the ‘State of Israel’ chooses to do; and white Women have the unstinting support of the President and his Party’s leadership for all of their litmus-test issues, including but not limited to maintenance of “Roe vs. Wade.” By contrast, what did black folks get? ‘Zilch.’

When a President assembles a so-called “coalition of the willing” — sovereign nations willing to align themselves with the U.S. in conducting a particular military adventure — each of those nations is promised some desired benefit or outcome in exchange for its willingness to be included as part of the coalition. If the enticements offered are not deemed sufficient to warrant taking part, a given nation’s leaders will opt not to be part of the coalition. Thus will the makeup of such ‘coalitions’ vary from one adventure to another, because each nation is looking out for its own interests. In domestic politics, “interest-groups” correspond to nations, and each group’s recognized leaders are called upon to negotiate in their respective group’s best interests, and get the best deal available for their members. This presumes however, that a group’s leaders are in fact looking out for their group, and not just playing a “Judas-goat” role on behalf of the “powers-that-be,” i.e.; to “lead their followers to the fleecing,” or slaughter as the case may be. In America’s partisan electoral system, the black electorate has been poorly led and mis-directed by the current crop of recognized “leaders’ and spokespersons, with few exceptions. It is well past time for a change in this regard.

The recent election results and blame for its outcome being placed on black folks has led to a long-overdue “enlightened-self-interest” response from a growing segment of the black electorate. They are angry that they are being blamed for the Democrats’ defeat despite having had “…no dog in that fight.” They are ready for a new direction, and receptive to a new brand of leadership that would be required to take them there. The Nationalist Black Leadership Coalition (NBLC) has been re-energized to step into the vacuum created when the traditional integrationist/assimilationist mis-leadership class abandoned our group interests, and sold-out to the leadership of the Democratic Party and its interests. In response, our organization has revived and is hereby putting forth for our people’s consideration, two (2) concepts that are practical and doable for purposes of uplifting and advancing the best interests of people of Adrican descent in America.



We are calling for (minimally) one million Race-conscious Black voters to join forces with us, and agree to withdraw from whichever political party they are presently affiliated with, and register “NO PARTY AFFILIATION” or whatever is its equivalent in your particular jurisdiction. We are not asking our people to register as “independents” because in some jurisdictions ‘independent’ is itself a political party.

Despite all the criticism directed at us — much of which is deserved, “Black Nationalists are the Black ideologues who love and want the best for Black people.”* It follows logically then, that the best source from which to draw leaders for our Race is among those who love and believe most fervently in the Race! As our One Million continue to hear and heed our call-to-arms, the abundance of talent, skills, and expertise to be found among them will readily become evident, and each will begin to find or make his/her place in our ranks, and take on assignments critical to our eventual success.

There is hardly a national election in America where a solid block of one-million single-minded voters cannot provide the winning margin. When the rank-and-file of black people (those who are NOT Race-conscious) witness the success our forces will have in securing tangible, practical benefits in exhange for our votes and financial support, they too will begin to gravitate our way and seek to join our (winning) ranks. Everyone loves a winner, and no one moreso that Americans of African descent!



There is a reason why nations have Presidents or Prime Ministers to Head their governments; they manage the day-to-day business of governance, and give voice to the aspirations of the citizens. No one expects the President of the United States to head the government of Russia or China, for example, or serve as primary spokesperson for the Russian or Chinese people. Similarly, Americans would never allow the President of either Russia or China to direct the conduct of the U.S. government, or presume to speak on behalf of American citizens. Yet, in American electoral politics, the black electorate has allowed individuals whose loyalties lay elsewhere, to function as our leaders and spokespersons! This has now proven to be a recipe for disaster.

By way of example, it was routinely acknowledged that the only man who could have called for one million Black men to travel to Washington, DC for the Million Man March in October, 1995, and have reason to believe they would respond, was Minister Louis Farrakhan. The reason for this was that he alone had come to be viewed as a leader whose commitment to the Black Race was singular and unalterable. Most others who were recognized as leaders and/or spokespersons were seen as having mixed-loyalties and conflicting agendas at best.

Most especially in our present condition, Black Americans need a strong, consistent person to champion our Cause; to give voice to our aspirations, and to lift us out of the ‘doldrums.’ We need a ‘leader above other leaders,’ and a spokesperson par-excellence. We hereby propose, and intend to establish, the position of President Of Black America (POBA), who will “…single-mindedly advocate and promote the interests of Black people, without reservation, without hesitation, without apology, and most of all, without fear. He or she will have no interest in playing to the mainstream media, seeking photo opportunities, currying favor with political parties, multinational corporations, foundations, or philanthropists. His/her objective will be to build the capacity of Blacks to do for self! The POBA will be the foremost cheerleader for Black America!!**:

African-Americans pinned all their hopes for a ‘better deal’ on Barack Obama and the   Democratic Party in back-to-back presidential elections. Neither the President or his Party has seen fit to reward blacks for their loyalty or support. President Obama has two years remaining on his tenure in office, after that, all bets are off! Democrats were so soundly defeated on November 4, 2014 because the racist elements among the white electorate came to despise the Democrats’ “sin” of putting a black family in their White House, and Barack Obama for having the audacity to think himself worthy of that distinction. From their point of view, it is now time for “the big pay-back.” They will do everything in their power to punish the Democrats for their transgression, and take back from black folks whatever may be left of gains we made during the Black Liberation, Civil Rights, and Human rights movements of the 1960s and 1970s. The President himself is leading the charge to complete the process of rendering black Americans “null-and-void” by accelerating the importation of greater numbers of people from Latin American and Spanish-speaking areas to further increase their numbers over those of blacks. It is an acknowledged fact that blacks have been overtaken by Hispanics as the “largest minority group” in America, and the differential is being made even greater. Blacks are fast becoming “excess” in America, and could become the objects of genocide if we do not quickly take charge of determining our own destiny. The combination of NBLC’s “One Million Conscious Black Voters” and “President Of Black America” initiatives is a step in the right direction, and remember: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step;” Let’s step to it, Black folks!

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