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Baba G’s new book, “Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters” IS HERE!!!

“The contents of this volume comprise a substantial portion of what I have put to paper over the past six decades, but what percentage I cannot be sure because much of what I wrote earliest was never intended to be kept for posterity. What I pride myself on most is that since becoming a conscious Garveyite in my early 20’s, I have not wavered in my convictions about and to the uplift and advancement of people of African descent—especially those who are descended from the Africans captured and forcibly brought to this hemisphere, and forced into bondage. I trust that these writings reflect that consistency and determination. Hopefully, this volume will ‘…inspire others to act at some future time.’”

Amefika “Baba G” Geuka

Reflections On My Pilgrimage

This book is the most truthful account of one man’s pilgrimage to Africa. It is written by a man whose love for Africa and her people is unwavering. Yet he is totally honest as he tells us of his experience of visiting the ‘Motherland’ for the very first time.